Welcome to IMTC

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & TOOLS CORPORATION (“IMTC”)  based in Mumbai (India) is a manufacturer and supplier of machinery, garage and service station equipment, engine diagnostic equipment, garage and hand tools etc., with a concentration on after-market applications.

Founded by late Mr. J. C. Sen Sharma (1910 – 2001) in 1940, IMTC has over the years, developed a product programme in line with the end user needs of the country.

IMTC initially offered Automotive and Special Tools, mainly Imported from USA, Europe and Japan. Import programs were from companies that IMTC represented in India. In 1944 IMTC had a joint venture manufacturing company based in Pune for Cylinder Liners.  Almost all State Transport Undertakings were serviced by IMTC at the time.

IMTC specialises in design, equipping, installation and commissioning of Automobile Workshop / Garage Systems – on turnkey basis as well as on individual requirement basis. IMTC also provides special tools and customized equipment for OEM Authorized Service Stations for practically all models of Automobiles.


Key People

Partha Sen
Mg. Partner
Management and Technical

Rupak Sen
Management and Business Development